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WATCH: Camilo & Grupo Firme Drink Their Worries Away On “Alaska”

Bottoms up, Camilo and Grupo Firme are drinking their sorrows away in their new collaboration, “Alaska,” out today (Aug. 18). The new track brings Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo into the banda fold, courtesy of Mexico’s Grupo Firme in what could be the next big drinking anthem. 

Whether it’s to numb the pain of a messy breakup or forget about life’s everyday problems, “Alaska” is a surprisingly self-aware track. The lyrics are about a guy that says he’s going to Alaska (a clever pun for “a las cantinas”) to forget about a former flame he can’t stop talking about. He’s aware that his excess drinking means he might live less, but on the flip side, he thinks being intoxicated will mean less stress and worry. 

Grupo Firme first announced they were working with Camilo back in Feb. at the Premio Lo Nuestro red carpet. Details about this unexpected collaboration had since stayed hush. But earlier this week, Camilo teased the track with some behind-the-scenes candids on social media.

“Ever since we met at a hotel lobby, we said we wanted to make music together,” said Camilo via an Instagram caption. “I love beautiful and transparent people like them.” In the same photo, Camilo revealed that his wife Evaluna directed the music video for the song.

Of course, no recording session with a regional Mexican group would be complete without some dancing in the studio.

“I’m so excited that Camilo made a song with Grupo Firme,” says a fan on Twitter. “Two of my favorite [artists] together.”

“Camilo’s song with Grupo Firme will be my favorite guilty pleasure and there will be no further discussion” said another enthusiastic fan on social media.

“Alaska” is just one of several droplet singles Camilo released in anticipation of his new studio album, De Adentro Pa’ Fuera, which is coming out in Sep. In the meantime, Camilo will be touring the U.S. for the rest of 2022 before landing in his home country Colombia for a string of shows. 

Salud. Check out the music video for Camilo and Grupo Firme’s “Alaska” below.