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WATCH: Café Tacvba’s Rubén Albarrán Beheads a Dr. Simi Plushie

Dr. Simi plushies are continuing to be thrown on stage to artists around the world. Some acts, like Café Tacvba frontman Rubén Albarrán, haven’t taken kindly to the gesture. Last night (Sept. 13), he ripped the plushie’s head off during a concert in Brussels, Belgium.

The Dr. Simi plushies first jumped into the global spotlight when one was thrown at Lady Gaga last month on her Chromatica Tour in Canada. During her MOTOMAMI concerts in Mexico City last month, Rosalía was excited to receive an abundance of Dr. Simis. Danna Paola also joked about the plushies when she met Rosalía backstage. She told the Spanish pop star, “I love that you’re taking home so many Dr. Simis.”

But n all the artists are thrilled to be receiving the gifts from fans onstage. During their concert in Brussels, Café Tacvba’s Albarrán had one thrown at him. Though he thanked the person who threw the plushie, he then added: “This was very nice, but the truth is, I hate Dr. Simi.” The Mexican singer then proceeded to behead and tear the Dr. Simi plushie into several pieces.

The online response to Albarrán’s “beheading” of Dr. Simi on Twitter has led to several funny memes. One fan shared a meme comparing Albarrán to Principal Skinner beheading a panda plushie on “The Simpsons.” Another fan shared a meme that compared the singer to Bart Simpson beheading a rabbit plushie. In another post, a fan compared Albarrán’s intense reaction to Daniela Romo smiling with Dr. Simi onstage.


Albarrán isn’t the only singer to recently react negatively to the Dr. Simi plushies. Late last month, Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández also had a plushie handed to him during a concert in San Luis Potosí. He promptly kicked the plushie off the stage into the audience. Dr. Simi has become one of the year’s breakout stars in concerts around the globe.