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WATCH: Becky G Lights the Stage Performing “The Fire Inside” at the Oscars

Becky G lit up the stage with her debut performance at the 96th Academy Awards. The Mexican-American artist teamed up with young girls to sing a blazing rendition of “The Fire Inside” live at the Oscars. 

Becky G recorded “The Fire Inside” last year for the soundtrack to the Flamin’ Hot movie, a feature directorial debut of Eva Longoria. “The Fire Inside” was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, which goes to the songwriter. Previous Oscar nominee Diane Warren penned the empowering song for the Flamin’ Hot movie.

Becky G was the only Latine performer at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. With the Oscar nomination for “The Fire Inside,” she proudly represented the song and the Flamin’ Hot movie with her powerful performance. In front of a fiery backdrop, Becky G belted out the song in a black gown with a chorus of young girls who joined her onstage. Her performance blended the song’s reggaeton-infused beats with a full symphony band. In the end, she joined hands with the girls and took a bow. 

Becky G is no stranger to Hollywood, having starred in several movies. In 2017, she made her feature film debut as Trini, the Yellow Ranger, in the Power Rangers movie. Last year, she voiced the character of Khaji-Da in the Blue Beetle movie. 

Bad Bunny was another Latine music superstar who appeared at the Academy Awards. He presented the Best International Feature Film award with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to The Zone of Interest

Watch the performance below: