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WATCH: Bad Bunny Look-Alike Fooled Everyone at Puerto Rican Day Parade

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City is a big moment every year. After two years without the celebration of the Puerto Rican community, people were surprised and hyped to see Bad Bunny on a float for the big day on June 12. Social media lit up when it turned out that the singer was part of the parade — except it wasn’t actually them!

@alexiisv16 BAD BUNNY TIENE LOS MEJORES FANS DEL MUNDO. ????? MIS RESPECTÓ @badbunny ??????   #Yosoyalexis #Summer☀️? #Parati #Foryou #fypシ ♬ original sound – Señor Edison

One very clever person made everyone and their mom lose their minds yesterday during the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. A Bad Bunny impersonator was so convincing that the trap music star started trending all over social media.

People were legit convinced that Bad Bunny, the international entertainer, made time to be on a float at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Granted, while it does seem like something Benito would (and still might) do, 2022 wasn’t the year for the incredible appearance.

Some parade-goers and social media enthusiasts felt betrayed and probably a little embarrassed that they hyped up this appearance so much. It is also really easy to see how people could be fooled into thinking that Bad Bunny was the man in the hat, sunglasses, and draped with a Puerto Rican flag. This guy went all out to really sell the Bad Bunny on a float fantasy. We can also only assume that the “Titi Me Pregunto” music video showing Bad Bunny in what seemed to be a parade in NYC only validated the stunt.

We all wish we could have been in Bad Bunny’s room when he woke up, checked Twitter, and saw the imposter absolutely vibing with the excited Puerto Rican Day Parade crowd. This coordinated effort did exactly what it was supposed to do, make the parade a moment people will never forget.

Only in New York would you ever expect something like this to happen and become the biggest conversation on social media. Well played, bro. Well played.