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WATCH: Bad Bunny Fan Rushes Stage During Concert & Gets a Kiss

A fan jumped on stage during a Bad Bunny concert last night (March 2) in Seattle and was actually given a kiss on the cheek from the superstar, we assume, for her overenthusiasm.

In a series of videos posted online, the young woman is seen running from the back of the stage towards Bad Bunny as confetti rained down on everyone in the Climate Pledge Arena. Bad Bunny was there, of course, for another El Último Tour del Mundo performance.

Once the young woman reached the rapper, she immediately flung her arms around him from behind and managed to hug him for about 10 seconds. It would’ve been a shorter hug, but it took a couple of security guards to pry the fan from Bad Bunny’s midsection. She just wouldn’t loosen her python-like grip.

For his part, Bad Bunny stayed calm and collected as the fan held on, even as he lost his balance a bit when security tried to pull her off. Video shows Bad Bunny mouthing something during the altercation, but we’re guessing it wasn’t, “Abrázame más fuerte!”

Once the fan let go, Bad Bunny turned to her and planted a kiss on her cheek. Hopefully, that doesn’t encourage other fans to rush the stage at future concerts. While the incident turned out to be harmless, fans who have jumped onto the stage at other performers’ concerts have been arrested for trespassing in the past – even without the hug. So, it’s probably not a good idea to get all handsy with the talent.