Rounding off our ‘Roll the Tape’ series, we sit down with Eritrean-born singer RIMON to talk everything from finding creativity in isolation to her thoughts on Geminis

RIMON wrote her first song aged ten. Entitled “Friends”, she uploaded it onto a CD and sent it into Junior Eurovision. Needless to say, she didn’t hear back. But fast forward 13 years and the genre-pushing artist is about to release her latest EP, Digital Tears. 

An ode to the time spent on our phones over the past year, RIMON wanted to create something which centred around shared experiences. Such as her single “Feed Me”, which, while it may sound like a love song (“In a room full of everyone, I know I can count on you“), is all about “the relationship we have with our phones and social media in general”.

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Performing the track for ‘Roll the Tape’, a performance and interview series presented by Dazed and Rizla to support a new generation of artists, RIMON brings those distinct feelings of isolation and solitude to life. Through her enchanting voice, layered lyrics, and otherwordly look, the singer gives an etheral and enchanting performance.  

With an interview after the show, we talk to RIMON about her artistic journey; from being born in Eritrea to spending time in refugee camps and to growing up in Amsterdam. There’s also some horoscope chat, too.  

Check out the performance and interview below, along with the full-length interview available as a podcast and clips available on the @dazed and @rizlaglobal social channels.