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WATCH: Anahí Shares Footage From Recording Session With Juan Gabriel

Los Dúo, the critically acclaimed record by Juan Gabriel, is returning with a new rendition, Los Dúo 3, and Anahí might be the missing ingredient. As of yesterday (Sep. 29), the former RBD pop star shared a sentimental video on TikTok of the two artists recording in the studio at Juanga’s home. But the real mystery behind it is whether we will ever get it. 

Before the video shows the recording session, Anahí conveys the video’s backstory. To start, she shares, “I found a video of a time when we were in Juan Gabriel’s house, and we recorded a song together, and he started conducting. It’s beautiful, I want to show it to you guys.” From there, you can see Anahí in the recording booth as she sings while Juan Gabriel sways his hands in the air to signal a big vibrato finish for Anahí. Then, the video pans into him as he starts to sing with a strong finish to the song. 

But with the latest drop from Juanga’s catalog, “Ya,” alongside the legendary Regional Mexican group Banda El Recodo and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter La India, it might just be a clue for what’s to come on Los Dúo III. The track was also released on Juan Gabriel’s death anniversary, serving as the first single from the upcoming album, and produced by Gustavo Farias, who also worked on Los Dúo and Los Dúo II. 

Throughout his stellar 45-year career, Juan Gabriel released 47 records, helping popularize Regional Mexican music worldwide, all while receiving multiple Billboard nominations. So, having stars such as Anahí on the next record would be the perfect way to celebrate Juan Gabriel’s legacy.

Regardless, we hope this collaboration between Anahí and Juan Gabriel comes out someday. Hopefully, Los Dúo 3 will testify to his incredible music catalog.