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WATCH: Ally Brooke Releases Emotional Spanish-Language Track “Por Ti”

Ally Brooke, Mexican-American singer and former member of the group Fifth Harmony, has cemented herself as a stand-alone artist. With her first all-Spanish sung track “Por Ti,” Brooke triumphantly makes the crossover into pop en español. 

“Por Ti” is an unexpectedly exciting track. What begins as a slow and empowering piano ballad soon morphs into something unexpected. In the chorus, the beat drops, revealing a reggaeton-style slow dance-pop track. All the while, Brooke sings of a relationship in which you can’t seem to let go of the other person and is willing to go almost too far to save their love

The music video, shot in Orlando, Florida, and directed by Joshua Ramirez for Jack Nine Films, is a true narrative. The video interpolates shots of a woman’s toxic relationship with a drug-dealing boyfriend who she can’t help but love with shots of Brooke, front and center. One moment, the singer is in a shining black dress in front of a car, and the next, she’s directing the police in the “sting” operation to take down the woman’s boyfriend. No spoilers, but Brooke’s character’s connection to the case is a lot more personal than the viewer originally thinks. 

Brooke is ringing in her first Spanish single in a big way, with the track reaching No. 21 on iTunes Latin Charts and within just a few hours of release, No. 1 on iTunes Ecuador. Her fans took to Twitter to celebrate the release of the track.

One fan encouraged others to listen to the track, saying: “my Cuban ass is shaking.” Which, as emotional as the track is, we have to admit the chorus does make you want to dance. 

Another user congratulated Brooke on her acting abilities in the music video, saying: “Someone add her into a political drama series for the love of God!”

Even fans who don’t speak Spanish are appreciating the track, with one sharing this heartwarming message for Brooke:

Proving that Brooke truly is a global sensation, one fan from the Philippines stayed up until 2:30 a.m. to join in the release party festivities.

Brooke’s fans’ excitement about the Spanish crossover is palpable, and, after years in the making, her highly anticipated all-Spanish EP is due out later this year.

But in the meantime, check out “Por Ti” below.