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Wait… Is RBD Releasing a New Album?

It seems like every other day, we hear different rumors about the RBD members as we follow the careers of the six multi-faceted artists. Fans question and hope for a full reunion with the entire group. But will it ever be possible for the original band to get back together for one more show? Well, we might have some clarity now. Christian Chavez teased new, upcoming RBD music and a tour in a recent interview. Now we can’t stop trying to decipher any additional hints.

“We were actually writing the songs for RBD, because that is another topic we have been talking about – the reunion,” Christian Chavez says in Spanish in the Cali 93.9 interview after being asked what he’s doing in Los Angeles. “And we have been very close, but unfortunately because of the dates it hasn’t happened. But I have a scoop for you, we have songs. There are songs that are so good, I mean, because we were looking for new songs to release a new album.” What?!

“It could be, yes,” he says in Spanish after the host Angélica Vale says how happy RBD fans will be with this potential new album in the works. He then continues this train of thought, saying that the people involved are “really talented” and that one of them is Sofia Reyes.


“We have to let things happen. And, well, suddenly it is complicated to be able to reach an agreement, and above all to do a tour as extensive as the one we want to do,” Chavez tells Vale. “There are some things that are out of our reach, but I think it will happen at some point. We have all the energy to do it.”

Before closing this topic, he reassures his fans that the reunion will happen, despite concerns of the other member’s upcoming projects, such as Dulce Maria’s participation in the forthcoming “2000’s Pop Tour.” Will it actually happen? We also have to keep in mind that Alfonso Herrera shut down any upcoming RBD-related projects talk earlier this year. Well, time will tell!