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Wait, Did Anuel Delete All His Instagram Photos With Karol G?

It looks like Anuel has purged all his photos of ex-girlfriend and fellow music artist Karol G from his Instagram page. Fans took to Twitter to speak out on this discovery with many wondering what Anuel is going to do now about his tattoos of Karol G now that the relationship is officially, officially over. 

Anuel and Karol G first met in 2018 while filming their music video for the song “Culpables.” Soon after, they went public with their relationship in the music video for “Secreto” and announced their engagement. Last April, Anuel went on social media to confirm that the couple had split. He told fans that rumors of infidelity were not true and called their breakup “something that happens in life.”

Now, rumors are that Anuel is dating Dominican rapper Yailin La Más Viral. Could that be the reason he felt like he had to delete all his photos of Karol G from his Instagram account? Yailin is best known for songs like “Esa De Pa To” and “Cuero.”

Late last year, Karol G caused quite a stir when she posted photos of herself and Anuel posing together after a concert in Puerto Rico for her Bichota tour. It was the first time the duo had performed together since their breakup.

“I have no words to describe this moment,” Karol G posted at the time. “100 thousand things went through my head of what was before, what we lived, and how things have been transformed. They were many years of happiness together, and although that stage of our lives ended, loyalty and gratitude are still intact. You are a brilliant person. I will always admire you. THANK YOU for making my last night much more special, [Anuel].”