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Viral Cardi B Microphone Thrown at Concertgoer Is Now on eBay

The microphone Cardi B threw at a woman in the crowd during a concert in Las Vegas is going on the auction block.

Scott Fisher, the owner of The Wave in Sin City, an audio production company, put the mic for auction on eBay. He said proceeds from the sale would go to charity.

While performing on the stage at Drai’s Nightclub, Cardi B launched the mic into the audience after a woman threw her drink and hit the “Up” rapper in the face. Earlier, Cardi B was asking fans to throw their drinks at other parts of her body.

Scott told TMZ that once the mic was thrown, it was easy to find it because it had white tape with the word “Main” written on it. On eBay, the mic started at $500 and has since increased in bids to more than $50,000 (as of August 2). So far, 44 people have bid on the item. Scott said the mic itself is worth $1,000.

Scott said the two charities that will benefit from the auction of the mic are the Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas, a charity for teens and young adults with special needs.

Currently, Cardi B is being investigated for battery for throwing the mic. The woman standing next to the drink thrower filed an incident report with police because she said the mic hit her too. Cardi B was also caught on camera throwing another mic at a DJ in Las Vegas.