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Video of Celina Powell apologizes to Cardi B for lying about being pregnant by Offset –

Celina Powell for the past 6 months ago was a major topic of conversation when it came to Cardi B and OffSet. The well known Instagram thot made a claim that OffSet was her future baby daddy. Celina took this lie so far that she had fake ultra sounds altered to show her name and the baby’s name.

It was not until Celina’s friend exposed her by recording a phone conversation between the two. During the conversation Celina admitted to using her friend’s Ultra sound and other documents for her own lie against Cardi B and Offset.

Now DJ Akademiks Celina issused an apology by saying “Once again, there’s no baby. Get over it! Suck my d***! Y’all investigated this s*** for nine months, I didn’t give a f***. I was laughing at you b*****s…”

Check all the videos below and tell us what you think. If you were Cardi B, would you still whip her ass for the lies?

Celina friend exposing her admitting to the lie over the phone:

Full video: