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Victoria Beckham Spices Up Summer’s Key Color

Summer 2021’s official color was decided long before the season began. Pantone introduced its yearly shades of choice back in December, settling on Ultimate Grey, a medium tone slate, and Illuminating, a zesty pale yellow. Since then, both hues have popped up in interior design, on beauty products, and on the runway. Still, their most exciting application is in the world of celebrity fashion. Case in point: when Victoria Beckham joined her husband, David, for a bite at Bar Pitti this afternoon in Manhattan, she provided a stylish example of how to pull it off.

Dressed in pieces from her spring/summer 2021 collection, Beckham looked delightful. Her extra-long, wide-leg trousers, ruffled collar, ruffle-detailed blouse, and matching blazer made a case for bold color head to toe. Though she’s apt to incorporate neons into her wardrobe via her expansive collection of high heels, Beckham is associated with a minimalist aesthetic. True to form, her outfit was all about clean lines, understated embellishments, and a few Hermès accessories, but the monochromatic color palette and unexpected shade added a new verve.

The consistency of Beckham’s style makes each departure feel meaningful, especially when they align with the mood of the moment. By embracing the season’s key color with an outfit that plays up the best elements of her style, Beckham shows how easy it is to incorporate even the most dramatic shades into an existing wardrobe. Your whole look doesn’t need to focus on a shade as bold as Illuminating, but the right color can give even the simplest outfit spice.