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Vera Bradley Just Released A Brand New Forbidden Forest-Themed “Harry Potter” Collection

You’d think that after years of Harry Potter obsession I’d be sick of giving Warner Bros. my money, but unfortunately for my savings account, that day has not yet come.

Vera Bradley is once again testing my willpower with their third HP-themed collection. Like their previous collabs, this latest collection comes with classic VB designs—like their Vera Tote, Travel Duffel, and Campus Backpack—covered in a never-before-seen print with imagery from the movies.

This time around, the line was inspired by the shadowy depths of the Forbidden Forest, featuring moody blues, sunset plums, and splashes of fresh lavender. Among the florals, trees, and toadstools that dominate the print are creatures known to live within the forest itself: characters like Hedwig, Buckbeak, Fang, and Norbert, as well as magical creatures like thestrals, acromantulas, and a shaggy black dog that looks suspiciously like Sirius Black.

The collection is fast selling out, so *fly* don’t walk to the VB site.
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