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Valentine’s Day Surprise: Bad Bunny Drops Video For “Ojitos Lindos” Ft. Bomba Estéreo

Right in time for Valentine’s Day, Bad Bunny just dropped the music video for “Ojitos Lindos,” featuring Bomba Estéreo, the most-romantic lending track on his Grammy-nominated album Un Verano Sin Ti

Directed by Stillz, the video starts off with Benito waking up in what could possibly be his new Hollywood Hills mansion. The storyline then follows the Puerto Rican artist on different dates with several women, from making homecooked meals to eating at restaurants and a drive-in theater. There’s even a clip of his most recent appearance at an NBA game sitting courtside with a woman. At some point, we get an appearance from Bomba Estéreo as she performs on-stage while he dances with one of his dates. 

Eventually, Bad Bunny drops all these women off and drives off, seemingly getting tired. As he doses off while driving, he crashes into a horse (who seemingly walks away unharmed, whew), and Benito ends up in the hospital. It’s in the hospital, where he’s growing impatient as he recovers, that the next star of the video runs in: his beagle puppy, Sansa.

The video ends with Bad Bunny playing with his furry friend and a close-up shot of the pup’s ojitos lindos. This adorable ending comes as no surprise. During an Instagram Live last July, the artist shared that the inspiration behind this track (the name translates to “beautiful eyes”) was actually his puppy. “The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen are Sansa’s. They’re the cutest,” Bad Bunny confessed. “I wrote it with a lot of feeling, and it’s the first song I write feeling love toward someone.”

Watch the video here: