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Unfunny Bozo Jess Hilarious Drops Awful Reenactment of Megan Thee Stallion Getting Shot

Despite Megan Thee Stallion already with people to stop making light of her getting shot, Jess Hilarious clearly doesn’t care, unfortunately.

“comedian” Jess Hilarious is being dragged up and down timelines once again. Hilarious who was once riding high is now the bane of social media and her recent actions aren’t helping her get out of the hole she dug for herself. For some reason, the social media personality thought it would be a good idea to do a reenactment of Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez’s alleged shooting situation for a skit called “Mystery Media Crime.” Heads up, it wasn’t funny at all.

While she might have thought she got one with her latest skit, Twitter quickly commenced to dragging her again accurately pointing out that it was not the knee-slapper she thought it would be.

Jess Hilarious is the latest bozo to called out for making fun of Megan of getting shot, in both feet, the rapper revealed in a very emotional Instagram Live session. Draya got for a bad joke she made on an episode of Van Lathan’s podcast. thought it was funny to share some memes making light of the incident, he has since apologized claiming he didn’t think what happened “was real.”

You can peep the well-deserved dragging of Jess Hilarious in the gallery below.

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2. No lies detected.

3. An accurate take.

4. She was never hilarious.

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8. B.Simone hasn’t learned.