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UMEK keep techno chugging on ‘Hypnotizing’ feat Maddix

UMEK commemorates a remarkable milestone: 30 years in the game and his 1605 label’s impressive 300th release. This momentous occasion is marked by “Hypnotizing,” a techno masterpiece true to its title. UMEK is not just a giant in the world of techno. Behind the Iron Curtain, he was instrumental in igniting the electronic music scene in Slovenia, transitioning from organizing underground raves to becoming the country’s musical ambassador. UMEK’s 1605 label, now on its 300th release, stands as a monument to his influence and commitment to the art of gritty and unrelenting techno.

For this milestone single, UMEK collaborates with Dutch producer Maddix and the pair’s sounds blend well to reformulate a menacing techno style. From its opening moments the intention is clear. The pair launch into a relentless assault of industrial inertia and dark arts. They cast their spell from the depths of a dark dungeon — a sonic hypnosis that intertwines a powerful bass line with pulsating melodies and rhythmic synths, then further intensify the suspense with an eerie vocal riff — all while deftly avoiding a predictable drop.