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Twitter Fingers: Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Throwing Hella Low Blows At Each Other

If anyone thought that the beef between former boos was on its way out, think again. On Twitter, things are heating up something fierce right now with the Queens rapper seemingly suggesting that her ex-boyfriend was abusive while the Philadelphia star aimed shots at Minaj’s brother.

It isn’t completely clear who threw the first blow but it might not be as difficult as far who has been the most effective. From what we can gather, Nicki Minaj threw the first shot with a photo of Meek Mill looking into a phone with the caption reading, “Trigger fingers turn to #TwitterFingers bad built face ass obsessed with the Queen” which references Drake’s “Back To Back” diss bars.

It may have all started because Meek liked a post that made fun of her hubby.

Meek fearlessly fired back with, “The only way you can try to kill my career is to say I beat women … talk about ya brother convicted of rape and you been knew and paid for his lawyer … ya little brother touched that lil girl too! You know I know … you want me to crash with ya boyfriend and I won’t.

He added, “You sad you willing to crash your man because you losing now and everybody in the industry know you a bad person! You been knew your brother was raping that little girl that’s why I got away from you!”

Nicki retorted in a tweet writing, “Nigga been tweeting bout my man for a year now. Talking bout he went to my page to see him but he was blocked. My nigga, move on. I know ya btch embarrassed. Shitted yaself in that store when u got pressed tho.”

And it keeps going.

“You beat your own sister and taped it. Spit on her & taped it. Kicked me in front your mother and sent her to the hospital. Sucking drake dick made u feel tough again. Move on,” Nicki added.

She concluded with, “Imagine talking about an alleged rape of a child to hurt someone who wasn’t involved just so ppl can dislike me. You can never stand on your own. You won’t tell ppl the mother is on tape asking me for $20 million to make the charge go away tho. U was around. U know. See u soon.”

Meek didn’t duck the abuse charges and fired back with, “Surrounded by rapist talking what? stop playing you picked a great time to be saying I ever put my hands on you … you full of hate and the whole industry know you full of hate… and ya bag getting low so you wanna destroy me.”

All of this is a lot, so we’re going to try our very best to get all the reactions from both sides of the debate listed out for you below. Hopefully, this ends well before it gets violent as it .

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