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Twitter Debates If Justin Timberlake Should Be Invited To VERZUZ Cookout

Many names have been thrown out there as to who can be the next person step up the plate. The mention of one artist, in particular, immediately sparked a debate about whether or not the whites deserve to be involved.

Following lopsided VERZUZ battle, co-founder of the Instagram Live “battle” series Swizz Beatz linked up with Usher to discuss who could potentially go head-to-head with the “Confessions” singer. Names like Chris Brown were floated out, but when Justin Timberlake was brought up, alarms were raised.

Now make no mistake, Timberlake has plenty of hits. Minus the atrocious attempt to please the melanin deficient fans with the trash that was Man of the Woods, his track record with solo albums is exceptional with Justified, FutureSex/LoveSounds, and The 20/20 Experience. Oh, we can’t forget his bops during his time with N’Sync as well.

BUT, unfortunately, one incident, in particular, left a bad taste in the mouth of Black folks, you remember the whole throwing Janet Jackson under the bus thing after exposing her nipple during the Super Bowl halftime show. He never quite recovered after that due to the fact he never really has spoken up in defense of Janet and has been labeled a “culture vulture” ever since.

Still, should him being a white exclude him from participating in a VERZUZ event? Some saying that we are beyond color since Scott Storch has already participated and that man is W H I T E. Also, Timbaland, who is a co-founder, has helped JT provided the bulk of production for both FutureSex/LoveSounds and The 20/20 Experience. So we can’t see Timbo tell Justin he can’t participate at all.

Anyway, on Twitter, the consensus seems to be the Timberlake is not invited at all. But he does have some defenders as well. At the end of the day decision will come down to both Swizz and Timothy, and Usher is down. You can peep all of the reactions below.

Photo: Isabel Infantes – PA Images / Getty