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“Today We’re The Greatest” By Middle Kids Is A Gem In Hiding

Middle Kids is an alternative indie rock/pop band from Sydney, Australia. The band is composed of Hannah Joy (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Harry Day (drums, backing vocals), and Tim Fitz (bass, backing vocals, production). They formed in 2016 and have recorded various EP’s. Their most recent release, “Today We’re The Greatest,” is the new single from their same-titled album.

It could be very easily stated that someday they will get the recognition they deserve, but today they are one of the industry’s hidden gems. A gem indeed, the vocals and instruments blend ever beautifully, providing an experience that makes you remember many pleasant moments of your life, through feelings of nostalgia, perhaps even sadness. A smile slowly forms on your face as you gently nod your head to the drums. 

Their style is quite distinct; you can’t associate it with any other band. Their uniqueness shines bright through the curtains on a sunny Spring afternoon. Beautiful on various levels, the song is perfect on all metrics.