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Tink Provides Valentine’s Day Soundtrack On New ‘Hopeless Romantic’ LP, Twitter Reacts

It hasn’t been that long ago when was named an XXL Freshman for the class of 2015 and poised for stardom after signing with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group label. Now on her independent grind, the Chicago artist returns to the scene with her latest set Hopeless Romantic, which should serve as a soundtrack for this Valentine’s Day.

Tink’s penchant for rapping and singing is present on Hopeless Romantic and, it should be noted, the 24-year-old Chicago songstress sounds fresh as ever. To keep it funky, there’s a lot of that good ol’ toxic “he’s bad for me but I love him” and “I’m difficult to date” R&B present but it fits the current trajectory of young women singers who share their passion in the barest of ways.

While she may not have dominated mainstream airways, Tink has kept busy since breaking out six years ago. She’s kept a steady release of her Winter’s Diary mixtape series, along with other self-released projects, including 2019’s . Last year’s single “F*ck Around” is included on the Hopeless Romantic and other standout tracks include the opener “I Ain’t Got Time Today,” the sultry “Cum Get It,” the hard-hitting “U Already Know,” and the impassioned breakup joint “Cut It Out.”

Hopeless Romantic is going to have a lot of folks looking at their boo funny, especially if they’re out here moving funny on this day of all days. But as much “he ain’t sh*t and won’t be sh*t” material that’s spread out across the album there are glimpses of adoration, reciprocated lust, and, most of all, love.

Check out Tink’s Hopeless Romantic below and then keep scrolling to check out the reaction from Twitter.

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