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Tina Knowles Proves She’s Ivy Park’s Biggest Fan

From the moment Beyoncé’s Ivy Park line was announced in 2016, it struck a chord with celebrities. The superstar’s partnership with Adidas was one of the most anticipated fashion launches ever, and it continues to resonate among the super famous. Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Cardi B., Hailey Bieber, and Yara Shahidi all received early access to Ivy Park’s debut in January of 2020 and their enthusiasm over the special packages from Queen Bey resulted in several internet-breaking and jealousy-inducing online posts. But, ahead of Ivy Park’s second drop, it’s clear that no one tops Tina Knowles Lawson when it comes to brand loyalty.

Beyoncé’s mother is the star’s biggest fan, and she’s especially enamored with her daughter’s fashion contributions. On Instagram, Knowles Lawson regularly posts photos of herself dressed in the collection, and she even pulls husband, Richard Lawson, into the fun. Tomorrow’s launch of “Drip 2,” Ivy Park’s size-inclusive second drop necessitated a sneak peek at the latest from the line, and Knowles Lawson gave her fans a tantalizing preview. Dressed in an olive green, hooded anorak, matching crop-top, and leggings with a mesh side panel, she served up a diva-worthy look.

Seeing Knowles Lawson posting photos that put influencers to shame shouldn’t be surprising, given that she passed her swagger and confidence down to daughters Beyoncé and Solange. Her love of fashion is well documented—lest we forget, she designed all Destiny’s Child’s costumes—and at 66, she continues to be stylish. The moment Drip 2 hits the internet, we’ll be bombarded with celebrity selfies featuring the collection, but it’s important to acknowledge who wore it first and best.