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This Stylish Couple Caught Rihanna’s Eye and Ended Up in Her New Campaign

It’s not every day that you get a cold email from Rihanna’s team—but that’s what happened to Ahmad Kanu and Rahquise Bowen. The New York–based couple and their clean, sleek style caught the superstar’s eye, and they were asked to star together in her first-ever Savage x Fenty Pride campaign, which was released today. “I was mind-blown as soon as I read the email,” says Kanu. “I called my mom immediately, and she yells through the phone, ‘Rihanna from Barbados?!’”  

It’s easy to see why Rihanna is a fan of the duo, who are both models and full-time content creators. Individually, each has an eye for fashion; their looks are complete with sleek Pyer Moss streetwear and monogrammed Dior bags. “Our styles are based on our moods and the occasion,” says Bowen. “We both don’t mind trying new things and thinking outside the box.” But together, their complementary couple style is even more striking. They’ll often post fit pics together on Instagram, and their outfits are always on the same wavelength. “I love that we have similar style and taste in clothes because it’s easy for us to match unintentionally,” says Bowen. “When we’re out in cohesive looks, it makes a statement.”  

How they met is a classic love story: They matched on Tinder. “We hit it off right off the bat on our first date,” says Kanu. “We found out we had a lot in common: We both share the same birthday and are in the same line of work. Our first date went so well we had to see each other the next day.” In the two years since, Kanu and Bowen have established their careers together, often collaborating for various fashion projects or shoots. “We’re always on the go, so it’s pretty great that we have each other to bring along,” adds Kanu. 

The cast of the new Savage x Fenty Pride campaignPhoto: Courtesy of Savage x Fenty

For their latest modeling gig together, the couple was instantly a fan of Savage x Fenty’s Pride campaign concept, which is all about inclusivity and diversity. (The cast includes plus-size model Dexter Mayfield, drag superstar Gigi Goode, and more.) In the shoot, they wear the lingerie brand’s neon-green boxer briefs and satin pants, which come in sizes small to XXXL. The intimate photos depict the couple in a sweet embrace and sharing a kiss. “I really love that it’s a brand made for everyone,” says Kanu. “The team [on set] was so diverse. Savage really understands that representation matters, and I love that.”

Ahmad Kanu and Rahquise BowenPhoto: Courtesy of Savage x Fenty

Getting on Rihanna’s radar was, of course, a dream come true, but the thoughtful shoot concept made it all that much more memorable. “I have a lot of young LGTBQ supporters, so I felt super honored to be chosen to be a part of their Pride campaign,” says Kanu. They also add that Rihanna will forever be their style icon. “Rihanna inspires me to be free and expressive,” says Bowen. “There are no limits to fashion: I do whatever I want, unapologetically. My confidence makes anything I wear look fire.”