*slowly drifts towards the abyss*

From cyclops sunglasses to KFC chicken Crocs, you thought you’d seen it all – until now. Introducing: the inflatable lilo suit.

Made of 100 per cent latex, this bad boy – created by Spanish artist SiiGii to allow those with an allergy to the sun to lounge on a pool float without irritating their skin – fulfils all your inflatable needs. Can’t swim? Inflatable lilo suit. Want to hit the beach without all the extra hassle? Inflatable lilo suit. What about drifting slowly into the abyss? You bet your Tony the Tiger swim badge you can!

When deflated, it also makes for a particularly fetching latex all-in-one – perfect for a dose of beach followed by Berghain (see also: the coronavirus rave suit).

Of course, inflatable fashion is nothing new, with last year’s graduate shows marking a significant rise in balloon couture. In the meantime, enjoy the prime 2020 mood content below. I’m not crying, you are.

Check out CSM grad Fredrik Tjærandsen’s inflatable graduate collection above.