But I heard her exclaim, ere she drove out of sight, ‘Happy Christmas to all, and to all an assless night!’

As temperatures drop and days become shorter, as the leaves on the trees turn golden and fall to the ground, as frost sparkles and the wind whistles, hot girl summer transitions into cold ass winter. Quite literally, if Rihanna has it her way.  

The newly crowned national hero of Barbados has sparked some questions after releasing a pair of assless plaid pajamas as part of a new festive Savage x Fenty drop. The seasonably cosy-in-the-front, risqué-in-the-back style comes in two colours, pink plaid and blue plaid, both equally assless. Practical? Probably not. Sexy? Only you can answer that for yourself. 

“A spin on classic holiday pyjamas,” reads the Fenty website description, featuring “an open bum to show off what you want, Savage style”. The pants will set you back $49.95 (£34.54) or $19.98 (£15.01) if you are a VIP member.

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Rihanna debuted the pajamas on her Instagram stories, modelling them herself soundtracked to Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s “Smokin Out The Window”. While Rihanna undoubtedly looked incredible in the ensemble, it does also call to mind this classic meme and responses from followers were generally mixed. “I’m not rocking with this new fenty lingerie release, there is NOTHING sexy about a butt crack miss plumber girl,” as one Twitter user wrote.

In other Rihanna news, she recently announced a return to music – kind of. The (former?) singer is republishing her old music, re-releasing her eight studio albums on limited edition vinyl as part of the ‘Rih-issue’ series.

Each LP will be paired with a matching piece of merch, ranging from bright tie dye tees corresponding with her earlier albums to custom comic-strip-print hoodies for 2009’s Rated R, and a few nostalgic album art tees.