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The Real Star of Awards Season is Pedro Pascal & Kieran Culkin’s Feud

There’s nothing quite like a feud to make things interesting, especially during Awards season. And though their feud is more joke than real, it’s hard to argue against the fact that the back-and-forth between Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin has been one of the stars of the Awards season so far.

It all started during the Golden Globes, which took place on January 7th. Culkin won the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role in Succession – the same category Pascal was nominated in for his role in The Last of Us. At the time, Culkin told Pascal to “suck it” as he got on stage to accept his award. He also jokingly raised up the trophy only to say “mine.” The camera then panned to Pascal, who first laughed and then mimicked crying.

Then came Pascal’s response, during the Primetime Emmy Awards, which took place on January 15th. Pascal, who was presenting an award, joked that he would take a second to make it all about himself, and then took a dig at Culkin. “A lot of people have been asking about my arm; it’s actually my shoulder… Kieran Culkin beat the sh*t out of me.” Culkin kept his face stone cold before laughing.

The moment was censored during FOX’s transmission of the Emmy Awards, which left many people confused about what Pascal said. But the internet had the clips and was very much enjoying the joke.

Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin hugged it out later at HBO’s After-party, as they took photos together. With the two facing off again in the same category at the SAG Awards, which are set to take place on February 23rd, this might not actually be the end of the “feud.” Not that anyone really wants it to be.