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The Profile Picture Change Heard Round the World

At this point the question whether Swedish House Mafia will reunite for Ultra Music Festival‘s 20th Anniversary is like that agonizing Game Thrones question whether Jon Snow might come back from the dead. It’s so highly anticipated and expected by the fandom, that if it’s going to happen it has to be shrouded in absolute secrecy. Yet, every single eye watches for every single hint and makes it impossible to really be surprised by it one way or another. Even if it is going to happen, nobody can actually admit it.

Today the Swedish House Mafia social media pages updated prile pictures to their enigmatic One Last Tour logo. Needless to say, this ignited a flurry excitement because it’s on the top everybody’s minds right now. Who can forget that logo and the epic stage that toured with it? On top this, their Twitter account was also re-activated. They have also cleared their Spotify biography section which talked about the break up.
The Prile Picture Change Heard Round the World

Please put on your tinfoil hats for this part. This week’s Ultra Documentary episode previewed that Episode 4 will focus on Swedish House Mafia and Avicii (see 8:09). Now for the sobering dose reality. There is still 0 real indication that this is happening other than that it’s possible and that the fans can’t imagine it not happening. That was enough for the fans to be right about Jon Snow though.