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The ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Demo Is Here, PS4 Owners Excited To Go Back To Midgar

Well, what a pleasant surprise. One of the titles on our list of we can’t wait to play, Final Fantasy VII Remake, just blessed PS4 owners with its long-awaited demo.

Sorry owners, you can’t get on this ride…just yet. We have been waiting for about five years since FF7 Remake was first announced to get our hands on the game and now get to finally sample the goods. When you load up the game, you gamers will be able to play the iconic Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission. Plus, as a bonus for those who download the demo before May 11, you will be rewarded with an exclusive PS4 theme.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was supposed to arrive in March but got its wig pushed back with a slightly slated initially to it shelves March 3, 2020, but now coming April 10, 2020. The game was developed by  Kingdom Hearts III director, Tetsuya Nomura, so if you noticed any similarities between both titles, that is why.

When the game arrives on April 10, you will not be experiencing the full game. As previously reported, the game will be broken up as you will only be playing the “Midgar section.” Square Enix has yet to disclose how many episodes it will be releasing, but if we had to guess possibly 2 or 3. When Final Fantasy VII was first released back in 1997, it was easily regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time. So, as you can imagine, fans have been celebrating the surprise release of the demo that folks who attended this year’s PAX East convention in Boston got to experience. Including this writer who will be running this demo back a few times just because.

You can peep the reactions from Final Fantasy VII fans in the gallery below.

Photo: Square Enix / Final Fantasy VII Remake