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The Best Selling Latin Music Artist J Balvin Drops His Latest Single “Tu Veneno”

Despite this year’s limitations, the Colombian pop-star is making a flashy entrance with his latest project: “Tu Veneno.”

“Ma’ G” was the first single to be released from the upcoming album, which set the artist apart from the rest. While the latest project is the second single from the yet-to-be-named album.

The recent Latin-pop “Tu Veneno” has accompanying innovative visuals in which Balvin appears in a ballroom with a bunch of talented dancers.

The music video also features a variety of long and close-up shots that ultimately create cinematic wonders. The director does a great job in showcasing the choreographed dance moves through the steady long shots, it also has a few close-ups to reflect the emotional state of the characters.

In “Tu Veneno, which is translated to “Your Poison” talks about the perils of being in a toxic relationship.

The music video was premiered on March 19 on YouTube, and in a week, the video passed 10 million views.

J Balvin has collaborated with A-list artists including Beyonce, Cardi B, and Dua Lipa.

Stream “ Tu Veneno” below:

To watch the official music video, click below: