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Thalía Explains Song Choices on New Mixtape in Interview

Mexican pop icon Thalía recently released a mixtape titled “desAMORfosis” which features remixes of songs from her latest album, “desAMORfosis.” In a recent interview, Thalía discussed the inspiration behind the mixtape and the process of choosing which songs to include. She explained that the remixes were meant to showcase the versatility of the original tracks and to give fans a new perspective on them.

Thalía also revealed that the mixtape features collaborations with several up-and-coming Latinx artists, including Feid, Lalo Ebratt, and Mau y Ricky. She explained that she chose these artists because she wanted to give them a platform and help them reach a wider audience.

In addition to discussing the mixtape, Thalía also talked about her plans for the future, which include releasing new music and continuing to explore different genres. She emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself and not letting others dictate one’s creative vision.