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Tekashi 6ix9ine To Build “Fort Knox” Kind Of Home Once He’s Free, Outside NY

Even with after he’s released from prison, isn’t ignorant to the fact that he is indeed a and being that he’s refused to go into witness protection he’s planning on taking other precautions to ensure his own safety.

According to TMZ Hip-Hop’s version of “Henry Hill” isn’t just planning on living in hiding after he gets out the bing, but he’s about to build his own personal prison to make sure no one can touch him (irony?). Aside from dipping on his home borough of Brooklyn, the “Stoopid” rapper also plans on having armed security guards by his side 24/7 to protect him should anyone seek retribution. But this won’t be his former security team who held him down prior to him dropping dime on half of New York.

As for where his security team will come from, we’re told the rapper only wants legit former law enforcement officers or ex-military who are licensed to carry firearms … absolutely nobody with any sort of gang affiliation.

Ideally, we’re told 6ix9ine would like to leave New York and live with family out of state … in a home with “Fort Knox-like security.”

Sounds hella expensive for someone who’ll have trouble raking in that rap dough once he gets out and we doubt the government’s going to foot that bill for someone they could care less about. Still, Tekashi does plan on getting back in the music game, but don’t expect to see him on stage anytime soon.

One more thing … our sources say the rapper is committed to getting in the studio to complete the records in his music deal as soon as possible once he’s out, but he’s not planning on live performances.

The reasoning — it wouldn’t be safe for a snitch to try something like that for a long time.

Yeah, we don’t see that working out at all, but then again we’re in a weird era of mankind where idiots are called “stable geniuses” so anything’s possible.

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