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Giselle Niemand Lovers Do

Teen Triple Threat Giselle Niemand Shines With Debut Release “Lovers Do”

Giselle Niemand, a talented artist hailing from South Africa, reveals her impressive debut single, “Lovers Do.” Created under the guidance of Emmanuel “Manny” Mijares, an accomplished songwriter and film executive producer known for numerous platinum records, this remarkable release highlights the immense potential of this rising star. Despite her young age of 13, she has already made a significant impact on the industry, showcasing her talents as a singer, model, actress, and dancer, leaving a lasting mark everywhere she performs.

Commanding the spotlight, Giselle Niemand leaves the audience spellbound with the sheer brilliance of her vocal prowess. As she utters the opening lines of the song, her voice effortlessly weaves through the lyrics: “Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If I say I want it too/ Wanna do what friends don’t do/ What Lovers do/ Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If you don’t I’ll make that move/ Thinking me and you should do/ What Lovers do.”

With each mesmerizing performance, Giselle envelops her audience in a whirlwind of emotions, leaving their hearts spellbound and their spirits ablaze. With pure conviction, she captures the very essence of limitless passion, breaking free from constraints and defying societal norms. Her expression transcends expectations, boldly championing the pursuit of love and dreams, leaving a profound impact on all who listen and inspiring them to embrace their individual paths of genuine self-expression.

After its impressive premiere during New York Fashion Week, the song rapidly won over the affection of its audience, skyrocketing to the pinnacle of digital rankings. Resolute in the face of praise, the endlessly aspiring Niemand is now preparing to reveal her latest song “Later.” Leading the project is Manny Mijares, the ingenious director renowned for artfully shaping the euphoric imagery of “Lovers Do.” Fans look forward to yet another powerful release that is certain to enthrall and charm listeners.

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