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New parents can always appreciate advice from other parents. We aren’t talking about the unsolicited or judgemental “words of wisdom” sometimes given, but the genuine suggestions that help ease the stress and doubts that parenthood could initially bring to many. Lending that kindness is Cardi B, who recently offered Rihanna guidance on what to expect when she becomes a new mom.

TMZ recently released a video of Cardi B being asked what she would tell Rihanna, who is due for labor any day now. The “WAP” singer quickly sent Rihanna advice about motherhood and its expectations. Her eagerness to respond comes as no surprise as someone who became a mother of two in the public eye.

“It comes so naturally; it really comes naturally,” Cardi B said in the clip. “Like, so many people give you advice. Once [the baby is] in there, that mother’s intuition just comes out. It comes out. You know what I’m saying.”

Cardi B is no stranger to unsolicited judgment and advice from social media. Her life has been under the public microscope for years, and she has managed to navigate the world of celebrity motherhood comfortably while also being vocal on many matters.

Some people were happy to see the camaraderie behind sending that advice, with one Twitter user writing, “We love to see it,” as another fan chimed in, “I love Cardi energy so much. She is so sweet.” 

This Mother’s Day message to Rihanna comes as she and boyfriend A$AP Rocky celebrated her first Mother’s Day ahead of the baby’s arrival. It’s only a matter of time before this advice is possibly put into action.