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T78 rises to the call with ‘Another Dimension’

Renowned techno DJ, T78 is out with his latest electrifying single, “Another Dimension”. Released on his esteemed Autektone imprint, “Another Dimension” captivates with its seamless fusion of fluid grooves interlaced with distorted basslines. The track boasts punchy kick drums and crisp, shuffling percussions that pave the way for hypnotic 303 rises. True to T78’s signature style, this composition is a testament to intricate craftsmanship, showcasing carefully arranged layers, intense beats, and a dynamic interplay of rhythm and harmony.

Reflecting on the beginnings of “Another Dimension,” T78 shares,

“I’ve been testing this track for over a year, first born as a bootleg of “Out of Space” by the Prodigy and then converted into an original track by replacing the sampled parts with a 303 line that drills into your brain. Both drops are devastating and the crowd’s reaction is incredible every time. This bomb is out now but for me it was the track of 2023.”

Adding to his already stellar year-end lineup, T78 is turning towards Insomniac Records on December 19th for remix duties on Noizu & Westend‘s “Push To Start” featuring NO/ME. Rounding off the year in grandeur, T78 is set to unveil “Tektones 13” on his Autektone label, cementing his 2023 catalog. Stream “Another Dimension” below.

Featured image: T78/Utopic Argentina

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