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T.I. Claims 50 Cent Gets More Respect Than Nelly Because Of East Coast Ties

When Andre 3000 said “the South has something to say” it would be prophetic in so many ways. is campaigning hard for all the talent from below the Mason Dixie line.

As spotted on HipHopDX the is being very vocal to what he perceives is unfair advantage East Coast rappers have over the rest of the map. Last week he called up Kevin Hart to negotiate a Verzuz between he and 50 Cent. Unfortunately, Curtis did not feel he was on his level and went on to quickly deny the challenge.

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I'll take this as an acceptance of this catalog challenge. YEEESSSSSIR-SKI‼️ @verzuztv @therealswizzz @timbaland WE GOT HIM‼️?HE BIT THE BAIT‼️SET THIS SHIT UP SO I CAN FINALLY SHUT THIS WATERMELON HEAD,INVISIBLE NECK ASS NIGGA UP ONCE AND FOR ALL‼️ As far as this clip goes…it's cute… old,outdated,& in poor taste (much like your catalog @50cent?)… however I prefer FACTS‼️ AND THE FACT REMAINS….I HAVE NEVER GIVEN ANY INFORMATION TO ANY FORM OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AT ANYTIME IN LIFE TO GET ANYBODY ANY TIME FOR ANY CRIME‼️ Supreme told me to ask @50cent if he can say the same??? ? WELL THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT SO…. let's set this date & select ya songs off that 1hot album you got & let's lay your lil overrated, outdated, steroid inflated ass catalog to rest. RIP to @50cent catalog ?? I seen you bully all them NY niggaz for years… ?NOT DA KING THO NIGGA?‼️ "You Got Da Right 1" #BringMeDaBully?

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Since the dismissal, Tip has voiced his concern about how New York rappers get precedence when it comes to how their legacies are ranked.

In a recent interview with HOT 97, he detailed his frustrations with Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg.

“New York is the birthplace of Hip Hop and they have the most successful, some of the most talented lyricists known to man,” Tip explained. “But even though they have those lyricists, some of the most capable and accomplished lyricists known to man, it’s some bullshit that slid through there that y’all hold up in high regard that if they was from somewhere else, it wouldn’t have been the same.”

Rosenberg would ask him to provide examples and he quickly pointed to 50 Cent and his good friend Nelly.

“I’ll tell you what, just being real — if 50 Cent were from the Midwest, he’d be Nelly,” T.I. responded, “Nelly got two diamond albums!”

While Nelly only has one album that has sold 10 million albums (Country Grammar) his Nellyville has sold over 6 million albums.

You can see that exchange below.

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