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SZA Accused Of Bleaching After Posting Vitamin Routine On Instagram

R&B songstress is back in the hot seat after some fans accused her of skin bleaching after she shared her vitamin regimen.

Over the weekend while bonding with fans, took to Instagram to share her vitamin routine and share daily supplements she’s been using to stay healthy during the pandemic. During the event, fans noticed that SZA had a bottle of Glutathione Pills, an antioxidant that is naturally found in the human body and produced by the liver. Glutathione is found in fruits, meats, and vegetables and it can also be taken as a supplement to treat and prevent a variety of conditions ranging from asthma to Alzheimer’s disease; however, a common side effect is skin lightening.

According to multiple outlets, has attributed her use of the supplement to her desire to strengthen her immune system, which makes perfect sense seeing as we are in the middle of a global pandemic.

In other SZA news, the “Weekend” songstress and joined relaxation forces last week to host a virtual meditation session for fans on Instagram Live. The tantric 45-minute Live, featured the two artists playing calming music and talking about the struggles they’ve both faced .

During the event, SZA kicked off the self-care conversation by warning her followers of the immune system-lowering effects of alcohol and other substances.

“All these drugs like liquor, weed, all these things, they lower your immune system,” SZA said. “It fu*ks with your ability to fight things off. Tobacco—I used to smoke spliffs all the time, I used to smoke Backwoods all the time. I stopped that sh*t. Why? It was bodying my ability to heal and, like, correct myself, and taking me 10 steps back every time I would make five steps forward.”

Lizzo also took the time to speak out non-beneficial behaviors that she’s cut out as well. revealing that her social media usage has changed amidst social distancing.

“For me, this is a whole dimension — social media, the internet — it’s a whole other world,” Lizzo said. “And for me, it’s not the healthiest world to be in, especially as of late. But since we’ve been in our houses, this is my destination. This is where I go, this is where I go on vacation [for] mind breaks. And when I go to this place and I overindulge in it, it’s made me really sick. It’s made my perception of myself sick, it’s made my joy sick. And I don’t think I was putting myself first. So now I’m just doing little things.”

Check out SZA and Lizzo’s live below.

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