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Susan Boyle Lives in Childhood Home Despite Millionaire Status

Susan Boyle may have millions in the bank, but she’s staying true to her humble roots.

According to U.K. tabloid The Sun, the 2009 Britain’s Got Talent runner-up still lives in her childhood home despite being a millionaire and able to afford a luxury mansion.

Boyle previously spoke to OK! magazine about living in her beloved childhood home, an ex-council house that used to be low-income public housing.

“It’s to do with the memories of your house and your upbringing, you need to take stock of things and maybe see where you come from and where your roots lie. It’s best to be grounded and with your roots. It keeps you grounded and prevents you from saying things maybe you shouldn’t say,” Boyle shared, according to The Mirror.

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However, Boyle, who is worth an estimated $40 million in 2023, has had some work done on the house.

According to The Sun, the singer updated the property to feature a more modern kitchen and comfortable living room.

“The house has been needing doing up for some time, I was beginning to lose things in it … It will be a wee retreat for me, although I haven’t used it yet, with all the rain. It makes the place look bigger and more homely,” she reportedly told the Edinburgh Evening News.

Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images


Despite her wealth, Boyle reportedly lives quite frugally, which is what she was used to before finding fame in the music industry.

The singer previously told Piers Morgan that she lives off roughly $370 to $620 per week.

“I’m always careful with money. I’m not saying I’m mean, but I’m always careful. I have an allowance, it’s about £300 to £500 a week because that’s plenty for me. It’s pocket money,” she reportedly said.

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