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Sunken Spider-Man Shameik Moore Victim Blames Black People, Gets Spartan Kicked Into Uncle Tom Abyss

The current state of events has everyone looking for an answer, so when actor shared his thoughts on how to mend the relationship between the Black community and police, people had a lot to say.

On Thursday (May 28), Shameik Moore took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the discourse surrounding police brutality against black men and women. Known for his roles as Raekwon in Hulu’s and , Moore’s take on the situation was met with swift backlash for his comments following the death of in police custody after suggesting that Black people need to learn

“I have a very strong opinion that the black community hates to hear.” Shameik Moore said, “We need to learn how to deal with police… and or racism… because THIS is the part of the scenario we have failed to fix. We have to work on our community before blaming everything on ‘racist’ and the police.” He went on to reference “black on black violence,” similar to how a talking head on Fox News name-drops Chicago when school shootings provoke conversations on gun control.

While Moore was seemingly pointing fingers at the Black community, he did add that “power-hungry policemen” need to be reprimanded.

“People are dying and we’re all handling it differently,” Moore continued. “Power-hungry policemen should absolutely be reprimanded, punished for their behavior. How they’re handling us. … When I woke up I was thinking about a solution. We’ve been hoping that the police would treat us better for a very long time. Before I was born. The black community is dealing with the history of our people in 2020.”

As if his Twitter rant wasn’t enough, Moore took to Instagram to go live to clarify his position after catching swift backlash for his stance. During his Live, Shamiek Moore jumped even further out the window by claiming that Rosa Park could have taken a cab instead of riding the bus.

While Moore may have thought he was coming up with a solution, Black Twitter quickly assembled to let him know not only how asinine his statements were but also dropped some literature to help him understand the err of what he said.

Despite the backlash, Moore is seemingly standing firmly in his position posting. His last tweet features a link to an interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club and Dr. Claud Anderson on race.

Check out what Black Twitter had to say below.