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Stripper Takes Epic Fall From Pole While 21 Savage Song Plays, Cracks Her Jaw

can be a dangerous profession. A shake dancer in Dallas, Texas took an epic fall from high atop the pole, cracking her jaw in the process while 21 Savage’s song “Immortal” was the soundtrack.

The pole athlete looked like she was a good 15′ to 20′ high in XTC Cabaret with her legs spread out before she seemingly lost her grip and fell to the stage, hard.

A woman named Genea Sky copped to being the stripper who took the fall after the footage started going viral, and revealed that she suffered a fractured jaw. Ouch.

Ms. Sky explained how it all went down, and man alive. She also suffered a sprained ankle and some broken teeth, as well as stitched under her chin. She well also be having surgery on her jaw.

Peep some reactions below. Get well soon.

Also, a GoFundMe was set up for the cost of her medical bills, and at the time of this post she was at $18,000 with a goal of $20K. Man alive…

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