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Stock Up on Essentials in 2 Hours or Less With This New App

Quickly stocking up on your favorite essentials without going outside feels like an alluring proposition in 2020. Gone are the days of hustling to the store to see if the clothing item or beauty product you had in mind was still in stock. Then, part of the fun was then deciding which stores you’d go to next in order to find it, or at least a suitable alternative. Now, heading out to stores can feel risky, making shopping more about securing sure bets. I personally have started shopping predominately online over the past year, save for my groceries. Even so, the one pitfall is planning ahead—it’s easy to unintentionally go a few weeks without my favorite Aesop body wash or Oribe hairspray. A small inconvenience, but one nonetheless.  

Tomorrow, a new app, FastAF, launches for iPhone that promises to deliver luxury goods from 350 premium, direct-to-consumer brands within two hours in New York City and Los Angeles. FastAF founder and CEO Lee Hnetinka tells Vogue, “We’re launching FastAF because we felt that there was a place to get your basic consumer packaged goods quickly, and your groceries quickly, but not the brands you have a deep affinity towards quickly, and this is the void that FastAF is filling.” The range of products includes items from brands like Nike, Aesop, Oribe, and Byredo, to name a few, giving both planners and last-minute shoppers alike a way to always have stock of the products they need before they’ve really run out. FastAF’s returns are just as fast—processing in two hours as well. 

They decided to launch now because, “there are customers who we feel want a premium and elevated place to shop for the brands that live in our lives every day,” Hnetinka tells Vogue. While FastAF is just getting started with tomorrow’s launch, future plans include collaborations, exclusives, and early access to products from many of the coveted brands on its roster—a shopping game-changer. 

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