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Sting Will Sing in Spanish at Premio Lo Nuestro — Yes, That Sting

The 17-time Grammy Award winner and legendary rock star Sting is reclaiming his Spanish-language abilities on his newest acoustic guitar packed romantic bliss of a single “Por Su Amor,” the Spanish version of his “For Her Love” track. He will perform this new single this year’s Premio Lo Nuestro, airing on Univision this Feb. 24. 

The Castellano adaptation of “For Her Love” was originally released in English as part of his recent album The Bridge. In a statement, Sting credits the “breathtaking Baja, California vistas and expansive blue of the Gulf of California” as his inspiration. He then continued being influenced by the seaside, having recorded the track in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

It’s not the first time that Sting has recorded his tracks in Spanish-language, he recently was featured in Ricky Martin’s Pausa EP, where he sang on “Simple.” Additionally, in 1987 he recorded his five-track Nada Como el Sol EP which highlighted tracks in both Spanish and Portuguese. In this era where we are so used to pop artists dipping their toes in an English crossover, we are pleasantly intrigued by a crossover from this English icon. 

Some Twitter users were surprised by the new track, with one commenting: “I did not expect this.”

We all know that Sting has a magnitude career and legacy that will have his passionate supporters (including those who don’t know a word in Spanish) tune in to see his performance at the 34th annual award show that is Latine music’s longest-running awards show. By default, our parents and grandparents will surely be watching Univision as it is — just don’t let them confuse him for Tiziano Ferro. 

Listen to “Por Su Amor” ahead of his performance below.