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Spotify & Instagram Are Launching the First Reels Charts in These Latin American Countries

Social media has become a major influence on the way people consume music. Yesterday (July 19), Spotify and Instagram announced a partnership to rank the most popular songs being used in Reels. The first two charts launched in the Latin American markets of Mexico and Brazil.

Like on TikTok, Reels is a feature on Instagram where people can make video posts with their favorite songs. Spotify is taking the initiative with Instagram to measure the success of the songs being used on Reels. The Reels Charts ranks the top 50 most popular songs of the week.

The Reels Charts take into account the activity of the songs on the Instagram feature. The songs are ranked according to factors like the most common ones used in Instagram Reels creations, the ones with the biggest growth in views, and the ones with a high level of engagement and consumption. 

The first two Reels Charts were launched in Mexico and Brazil. Both charts are live and show the eclectic music tastes of each country. The No. 1 song on Mexico’s Reels Chart right now is Myke Towers’ hit “LALA,” which recently topped Spotify’s Top 50 Global chart. The sentimental classic “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong is at No. 3 on the chart. K-pop girl group NewJeans is at No. 5 with “Super Shy.” Mexican singer Ana Bárbara’s “Bandido” continues to be a viral hit at No. 8.

Barbie fever is high on Brazil’s Reels Chart. Mabilu Babie’s “Barbiegurl” sits at No. 1 on the chart. She remade Aqua’s 1997 classic hit “Barbie Girl” into a trap song. Kelly Key’s “Sou a Barbie Girl,” a Portuguese version of the song, ranks at No. 3. Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s “Barbie World” featuring Aqua is at No. 9 on the chart. Their collaboration is part of the Barbie: The Album, which will be released with the movie tomorrow.