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Sony Says PS4 Entering End of Its Lifecycle, Video Game Twitter Reacts

Source: Sean Dempsey – PA Images / Getty

Is the end near for Sony’s popular PS4 system? According to PlayStation boss John Kodera, yes it is. 

During yesterday’s (May 22) Sony’s Corporate Meeting, Kordera announced the PlayStation 4 system is now entering the end of its lifecycle.


The news, of course, sent video game twitter into a bit of an uproar at word that the system that launched nearly half-decade ago has possibly run its course.

Oh please… give us gamers at least 2 or 3 years lol

— nisha (@livinlikelani) May 22, 2018

I just bought it
I can't afford new consoles

Genuinely, please don't let this be true

— elisabeth (@thatradicalrobo) May 22, 2018

PS4 at the end of its life cycle…but we get another PS4 iteration tho?

— Maximillion “Nah Nah Just In It” Lucini (@TyZebruh) May 22, 2018

BUT, seasoned gamers shouldn’t fret because if they know their history, the system is entering what would be the final stages of its lifespan anyway. Kodera’s announcement may have more to do with the expectation to sell 16 million PS4 systems this year instead of 19 million the year prior. Also, don’t expect Sony to discontinue the PlayStation 4 anytime soon especially with plenty of exclusive games like The Last of Us II and Spider-Man on their way and God of War still selling like hot cakes.

Lol at anyone suggesting this generation needs another 3 years. 7th Generation going on for 8 years really worked out good for everyone.

— DX (@DXFromYT) May 22, 2018

Don’t expect another iteration of the console with the company now shifting their focus to adding more PlayStation Plus subscribers which now has more than 80 million active users. Sony also wants to boost PlayStation VR sales which are growing but still underperformed. Their television service PlayStation Vue is having a much harder time trying to compete with other services.

As for PlayStation 5? Don’t expect any news about Sony’s next console anytime soon. NPD analyst Matt Piscatella told GamingBolt earlier this year that he doesn’t expect Sony to release the next PlayStation until 2020. Also if you’re thinking Sony may make an announcement about the new console at this year’s E3 convention don’t hold your breath. Sony plans on utilizing the time to showcase four big games this year.

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