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Songstress Lucianne Is Back With Her Beautiful Visual “More”

Lucianne is kicking off 2022 with her latest track and is ready to shock the table with her new Afro-R&B hit “More”. The singer, songstress, and actress is in charge of her own newly founded independent label RIV, and she’s bringing everyone raw talent as well as a preview of her upcoming return EP named Becoming.

The track is a description of Lucianne’s and her husband’s long-distance relationship. While her husband was stuck in Nigeria for 9 months, the two could only yearn that they had someone to lively communicate with. As she has mentioned in an interview, “this song is basically telling that story through music.” Frequently contacting your loved one online and wishing that you could just take that conversation offline.

By incorporating Afrobeats, R&B, and pop synths into her art, she combines this delicious fusion of genres that leaves nothing more to be desired. The music video has been streamed over 250,000 times on Youtube. Make sure you check it out!

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