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So Fowl: Future Claims He Put Chicken Sandwich From A “Hood Spot” In A Popeyes Bag

We all know ain’t you know what and a recent IG post from the rapper hammers home that point. The “Mask Off” rapper got in on the Popeye’s chicken sandwich craze in a very unique way involving his “bae” and a chicken sandwich from a hood spot.

Future shared a story in which he seemed to be joking about purchasing a chicken sandwich from a local “hood spot” and putting it inside a Popeyes bag. According to his post, he did that to pass off it off as the highly sought after fast food item to his “bae.”

“Pulled up on bae with a chicken sandwich frm a hood spot and put it in a Popeyes bag I had n the car frm a week ago, she love me more now. Perception is everything.” 

Popeyes has been the thanks to it’s now chicken sandwich. The fast-food chain has taken its moment of popularity in stride by having fun on social media and telling hungry patrons to download their app for updates.

If Future indeed did gas up his shorty like that with a fake chicken sandwich, it truly is an evil world we live in.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz