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Snoop Dogg Rages At Bill Gates & Microsoft After Xbox Live Servers Go Down

Don’t mess with the Snoop Dogg’s Madden matchups. and Microsoft learned that the hard way on Tuesday (Apr.14).

The Doggfather lost his cool he’s so famously known for when Xbox Live servers went down. The “Gin & Juice” rapper verbally abused Bill Gates, Microsoft, and after his gaming was interrupted. Now to be fair to Gates, he stepped down as CEO of the tech giant, so he’s really not at fault here. Snoop hopped on his favorite medium to address what’s bothering him, Instagram, and in the post aired them all out while weirdly bringing up vaccines.

“EA Sports, y’all muthafuckin’ server is down! Get that shit back up, we trying to play. Bunch of muthafuckas at home that’s locked and loaded right now, FIX THIS SHIT! Bill Gates, Microsoft, whoever the fuck. All these muthafuckin’ bullshit ass vaccines y’all trying to give us… fix the muthafuckin’ video game. Now!”


After his rant, 30 minutes later, the servers were up running as usual. No word if Snoop calling them out had anything to do with that. We just hope Snoop is prepared to encounter this issue while we are still under lockdown due to the coronavirus shutdown as multiple states, including his home of California, are enforcing stay-at-home orders. Networks like Xbox Live, PSN, and more have seen a tremendous spike in usage due to folks being stuck at home, so of the service are to be expected to keep them running.

We feel your pain Snoop when it does happen unexpectedly.

Photo: Michael Caulfield Archive / Getty

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