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Sneaker Stores Standing In Solidarity With George Floyd Protestors

This past weekend’s  became one for the books as protestors overran a police precinct in Minneapolis and rioters made out like bandits looting sneaker spots like Flight Club, Footlocker, and other high end sneaker boutiques.

Still, even with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise up in smoke, brands like Nike, Adidas, and others are standing in solidarity with protestors because they know this is much deeper than replaceable garment. It’s about justice for Black lives because they f*cking matter. In a statement addressing the protests and the importance of the message behind it, Nike posted a one minute clip asking everyone to recognize the racism the Black community has been forced to endure for hundreds of years while imploring us to “be part of the change.”

And in a sign of unity, Nike’s rival apparel company adidas retweeted the powerful message to remind everyone that we’re all in this together.

That’s hella dope. Props!

Other sneaker spots like Footlocker, Stadium Goods and have followed suit sharing their messages of unity on social media (something an orange hued dictator seems to have no interest in doing) and are riding with the protestors out in the streets regardless of the negative effect the looting has had on their businesses.