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Slushii Surprises Fan with a Facetime Call

Every once in a while, we get to hear feel good stories about DJs and producers personally interacting with their fans, all because social media.

One story that always comes to mind is when deadmau5 found the vocals to his track, “The Veldt“, Twitter. If you don’t remember the story, deadmau5 decided to live stream the first time he heard the track with his fan Chris James’ vocals included. James had been watching a previous live stream when deadmau5 gave his fans the chance to lay down some vocals and earn an ficial feature. As we all know, James did earn the ficial feature on the now classic vocal cut .

Or, maybe you remember the time
Kaskade  trying to sell Redux tickets for a ridiculous price on Craigslist. Yet another feel good story for everyone except the scalper.

Recently, another day-making story came to our attention. While Slushii didn’t find classic vocals for a track or catch a scalper, he did manage to make a fan’s day with a surprise FaceTime call.

This story comes from Brenda Wong, who was selling a ticket to Slushii’s show. She left her number for people to contact her about the ticket. As she was driving, she got a random FaceTime call from out area, so she ignored it. Then, she got a text inquiring about the ticket. Another call came in. This time, she picked up, and SURPRISE! It was Slushii himself! How cute. Brenda so kindly shared the story on Twitter for all us to enjoy.

If you want more Slushii, take a listen to his with Marshmello.