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Skilled Alt-Pop Artist Marquita Brown Drops Brand New Single “Red Tape And Sugar”

Skilled alt-pop artist Marquita Brown is releasing a much anticipated brand new track titled “Red Tape And Sugar.” The South-Carolina native and Georgia-based singer-songwriter returns with her simple and classic aesthetics, bringing a unique vibe at the intersection of sexy slow jams, soulful blues, and raw rock’ n’ roll. 

“Let’s take long journeys together, you and I, to the time when you leave me far behind. Then, you will realize you listen because maybe my story is your story, maybe my voice is your voice and, although I don’t represent you, maybe you’ll find a little bit of me in you,” Marquita explains.

Her sultry vocals and intoxicating indie feel make her boldfaced and enticing sound instantly recognizable, while she unleashes her most profound self to the listener, on a song that will undoubtedly spark mass appeal among fans of the genre and beyond.  

She grew up immersed in an artistic environment, surrounded with music by icons such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men, but also artists like Nirvana, Jewel, and Alanis Morrissette.

Marquita loves contrast, powerful vocals, and lyrics that inspire, and it can all be felt on her latest single “Red Tape And Sugar,” an impressive number that will expose the listener to their own emotions, and challenge them to the core. She is from a breed of artists rare to find nowadays, and we are most certain this danceable and groovy track that brings a sophisticated tension alternating between faster and slower paced soundscapes, will find its audience, and strengthen Marquita’s presence in the music scene. 

Stream “Red Tape And Sugar” down below: