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SIZE Records partners with Tomorrowland Music to continue 20-year celebration with ‘SIZE x TML’

SIZE Records‘ 20-year anniversary celebration is continuing on into the second half of 2023. After the label head hosted an unforgettable, four-hour evening at The Brooklyn Mirage less than a week before, SIZE Records relocated its celebration from the stage to the release board. And to do just that, Steve Angello and company partnered up with Tomorrowland Music, dropping off a six-track EP that’s formally branded SIZE x TML.

SIZE Records had already offered up a taste of SIZE x TML in the past month, recruiting Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Magnificence to officially revisit a 2010 classic, “Monday.” A few weeks later, the two labels reunited to tap a Steve Angello family member in AN21 for remixing responsibilities on a second timeless track from Steve Angello, “The Ocean.”

But while the EP’s first pair of cuts winds the clock back, the labels decided to look into the future, commissioning HIISAK and Mathieu Ruiz on “Subiendo (Vazilando),” Kommando for “DANCE BABY DANCE,” Pretty Output for “Do You Hear Me,” and Daniel Etienne for “Omniscent.” Each new addition of SIZE x TML presents a wide-eyed look into the next generation of dance music and the promise it has to offer. Steve Angello spoke on the intention of SIZE x TML to merge two labels and eras, explaining,

“This collaboration between SIZE and Tomorrowland is more than just a fusion of sounds; it’s a celebration of two decades of musical evolution, friendship, and creativity. Remixing the classics gives us a chance to honor our roots, while introducing four incredible new acts showcases our commitment to innovation and the future of music. Here’s to the past 20 years of harmony and inspiration, and to the next 20 years, where we’ll continue to break boundaries and redefine what’s possible.”

Featured image: SIZE Records/Instagram

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